I would say that 90% of the business I do today is the result of client referrals.

I have been barely doing any sales lately. In fact, I think I am terrible at it. And investing in sales is something that I’ve been procrastinating. But I know I will need to start focusing on it at some point.

I’ve been lucky enough that the referrals generated by past successful projects have been fuelling my business without requiring any extra effort from me.

I attribute this success to one thing, and one thing only: Over-delivering.

At the end of a project, the simple fact that you not only delivered, but went above and beyond to make sure you exceeded your client’s expectations, will go along way in our client’s perception of you and your business.

Wowing customers is the single most successful thing you can do to win more referrals and grow your business.

Here’s why: it will allow you to build trust with you clients.

Knowing that you can and will deliver, will make your clients feel comfortable in sharing you contact information with their friends and peers. Think about it: You wouldn’t want your friends to come back to you and complain that a contractor you referred them to was performing poorly.

Not only will this strategy help you get more business, it will allow you to charge a premium for your services. You will be able to build a reputation for yourself, and/or your business, and clients will be willing to pay the extra just because they know you will deliver.

Share your thoughts and let me know if you agree with me or not.

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